Software consultant with a proven track record converting requirements
from business executives, scientists, engineers, and marketing staff into cost-effective, on-time, maintainable solutions. My creative insights, engineering versatility, and rigorous analysis have delivered breakthrough products in rapidly evolving industries.

Technical Skills and Languages

Agile software development C, C++, C#, Boost
Object-oriented instrumentation Perl, PHP, MySQL
Real-time systems LabView
Rapid prototyping from verbal specs XML, XML-Schema, SOAP
Unix, Windows, RTOS Linux & Windows device drivers

Internet Applications – Designed a universal shopping cart capable of consolidating order information from any Internet e-commerce site. Created an Internet Explorer bar for extracting raw site data and inserting it into a relational database. Developed a storage management solution using remote Internet backup incorporating public key encryption, digital signatures and firewall proxy services.
Time Critical Assignments – Built an application to evaluate a new IC manufacturing technique in 24 hours using off-the-shelf components. Replaced an error-prone instrumentation driver with a full-featured demo application for a trade show in two weeks.
Business Expertise – Provided due diligence and technical evaluations of key storage management technology to potential acquirers, resulting in the purchase of the software and technology by a Fortune 500 company.